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Center for Agrarian Reform and Rural Development

Mano Po: Enabling Mutual Learning Between Elderly Farmers and Rural Youth on Sustaining Advocacy on Agrarian Reform and Rural Development

Proposed by the Center for Agrarian Reform and Rural Development in President Roxas, Capiz, aims to provide support to the existing initiative of developing a new breed of agrarian reform and rural development advocates through providing an inter-generational learning environment between elders and young household members in farming families. Apart from sharing practices and experiences and capacity strengthening on agrarian reform and organizational development, the proposed action includes the development of video and other digital documentation to raise awareness among rural youth in the target areas.

Fresh New Leaf

Where Wisdom Meets Vision, Strengthening Family Farms

Imagine a bridge, not of steel and stone but of shared knowledge and unwavering spirit. This bridge connects the seasoned wisdom of elder farmers with the boundless energy of youth, forging a future where family farms thrive. This is the Center for Agrarian Reform and Rural Development: a pioneering organization nurturing intergenerational learning and propelling a transformative vision for agriculture.


Empowering the Next Generation:

CARRD's mission is twofold: to equip young farmers with the skills and knowledge to carry the torch and preserve the invaluable experience of their elders. By bridging the gap between generations, they create a fertile ground for family farms to flourish.


Learning Hand-in-Hand:

Their innovative approach fosters mutual learning sessions where youth and elders delve into critical topics: human rights, social justice, agrarian reform, and community organizing. These sessions are not just theoretical; they're experiential journeys that equip young farmers with leadership, communication, and negotiation skills.


Stories of Impact:

The results are already blossoming. Youth are reinvesting in family farms, taking on leadership roles in protecting land rights, and actively contributing to CARRD's farmers' associations. This isn't just about numbers; it's about stories of young people embracing their agricultural heritage and leading positive change.


Beyond Milestones:

CARRD's impact extends beyond quantitative measures. They've created a safe space for open dialogue between generations, fostering mutual understanding and appreciation. They've also refined their methods, learning to navigate the unique needs of each generation and creating truly impactful learning experiences.

Join the Bridge:

CARRD's success story is an inspiration, demonstrating the power of bridging the gap between generations. By supporting CARRD, you invest in a more vibrant future for family farms, empowering young leaders and ensuring the legacy of experience lives on.

Together, let's build a stronger, more resilient agricultural community, one bridge at a time.

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