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Abot-Kamay Community Solidarity Fund

The ACSF is the grantmaking component of the Assets, Agency, and Trust (AAT) - a program jointly implemented by CDP, GlobalGiving, Global Fund for Community Foundation, and NonProfit Finance Fund with support from USAID. 

A central focus of AAT is learning how to partner and build better alliances with the goals of equity and sustainability.  AAT aims to build a program that supports new partnerships holistically, both through financial mechanisms and non-financial support.


In the Philippines, as elsewhere, many local civil society groups grapple with unstable funding, making them less responsive to community needs. This not only weakens their legitimacy but hinders their ability to hold others accountable. Yet, a growing movement advocates for community ownership and resources, believing that community-driven philanthropy fosters resilient and prosperous societies.


Global events like the Covid-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement have emphasized the need for structural changes in the philanthropy and aid sectors. The objective is clear: Empower local communities to champion and sustain their own change. However, only 1.2% of international humanitarian aid was directed towards local NGOs in 2022. The challenge persists.

A total of 127 applications were received from a variety of organizations with a strong emphasis on community-led initiatives, localization, sustainability, and power dynamics. Notably, there was a significant disparity in funding needs, with a demand of 74 million pesos far exceeding the available funding of 21 million pesos. Despite this, 33 organizations were selected for funding, with a focus on themes such as women's empowerment, rights for persons with disabilities, and human rights.


Given the limited resources, we have agreed on the criteria and selection process and were able to select 33 organizations. Helping and supporting the process are the members of the community selection committee representing the thematic sector of women, persons with disability, and human rights. We also want to stress that apart from the grantmaking component of the program Assets, Agency, and Trust, we hope to engage all organizations who submitted Expressions of Interest in the other pathways where we will be supporting capacities, facilitating active learning sessions, and holding spaces for influencing donor practices. We are excited to be working with you soon as we build the movement of community-led actions and community philanthropy as approaches to shift the power.

Explore every initiative on the map below! Click on a marker or select from the list on the left side of the map for easy navigation. For a more in-depth exploration, simply click on "See More." Enjoy discovering the richness of our initiatives!

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