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Tribal Leaders Development Foundation, Inc.

El Ketngon (Water for Education Project)

The proponent, the Tribal Leaders Development Foundation, Inc. will be working with the T’bolis, an indigenous community in the municipalities of Lake Sebu and Tbol in South Cotabato, to ensure the collective and sustainable management of established water systems in the community by strengthening the leadership and governance mechanism of the community. The proposed action will also look at addressing the internal financial management capacity and accountability of the community organization to ensure that the water systems are sustained and maintained properly.

Fresh New Leaf

El Ketngon: Bridging Water Needs, Building Brighter Futures

Imagine a community where crystal-clear water flows freely, nurturing not just life, but also dreams. This is the vision driving El Ketngon (Water for Education), a social enterprise project from TLDFI transforming lives in the Philippines.


Water Sustainability, Empowered Communities:

  • Restoring the Lifeline: Broken pipelines are mended, pumps hum back to life, ensuring sustainable access to clean water for all.

  • Discipline for Prosperity: By managing the water system efficiently, the community learns valuable lessons in self-reliance and good governance.

  • Expanding the Reach: As the water system thrives, it can reach more homes, creating a ripple effect of positive change.


From Water to Wisdom:

  • Education, the Key to Opportunity: With a portion of the water system's income, El Ketngon fuels scholarships for deserving Indigenous Peoples (IP) children.

  • Empowering Young Leaders: These scholarships unlock bright futures for children who might otherwise have limited access to education.

  • Investing in the Future: By supporting education, El Ketngon invests in the next generation of community leaders, ensuring a brighter tomorrow.


Beyond Numbers, Stories Unfold:

  • 30 homes now have access to clean water, thanks to community-driven repairs.

  • Barangay leaders join hands, understanding the power of collaborative effort.

  • IP children dream bigger, thanks to the promise of scholarship support.


Lessons Learned, Wisdom Shared:

  • Sustainability thrives with ownership: When communities manage their resources, they flourish.

  • Small changes, big impact: Every repaired pipe, every scholarship granted, holds the potential to change lives.

  • Collaboration is key: Working together, communities, government, and social enterprises can achieve remarkable things.

Join the Movement:

El Ketngon's story is an invitation to be part of something bigger. By supporting this initiative, you contribute to a future where clean water nourishes bodies, and education empowers minds. Together, let's create ripples of change, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to reach for their dreams, and communities thrive long into the future.

Support El Ketngon, invest in a brighter future, where water sustains life, and education unlocks dreams.

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