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Ranao Women and Children Resource Center, Inc.

Women's Empowerment to Combat Gender-Based Violence and Leadership in Disaster Risk Reduction and Management

Proposed by the Ranao Women and Children Resource Center and the Gender-based Associaton for Development of Iligan, and aims to strengthen the barangay community disaster risk reduction committee with a component of psychosocial first aid and to install mechanisms that will safeguard women and children protection. The proposed action will be implemented in Bohol and Cagayan de Oro.

Fresh New Leaf

RWCRC: Where Women Rise, Communities Heal

Deep in the heart of Dansolihon, a quiet revolution unfolds. RWCRC, an organization fueled by unwavering courage, is empowering women to rise as leaders, protectors, and healers in the face of disaster.


Building an Ark of Resilience:

Their story unfolds in four powerful waves:

  • Shaping Champions: Women transform into gender-responsive DRRM experts, equipped with the knowledge and skills to navigate disaster preparedness and response.

  • Building Bridges: Collaborative hands from local officials, CSOs, and community leaders join forces, weaving a safety net for all.

  • Amplifying Voices: RWCRC champions the protection of women and children, advocating for effective prevention and response strategies.

  • Healing Hearts, Mending Spirits: Women learn the art of psychosocial first aid, offering compassionate support during times of distress and anxiety.


The Symphony of Change:

The impact resonates in a chorus of hope:

  • Disaster Ready: Communities stand prepared, gender-equitable responses safeguarding everyone.

  • Empowered Healers: Women emerge as pillars of emotional support, offering comfort and guidance to their neighbors.

  • Strengthened Solidarity: Collaborative spirit flourishes, building a resilient community fabric.

  • Women's Voices Ascend: The fight for protection and equality gains momentum, echoing loud and clear.


Beyond the Numbers:

Their story transcends mere statistics:

  • 34 hearts united, their commitment to safety burning bright.

  • 16 women empowered, wielding knowledge as their weapon against disaster.

  • A strengthened Lumad organization, charting their own course towards resilience.

  • Hope takes root, blossoming from collaboration and shared purpose.


Lessons Whispered, Wisdom Shared:

The journey yields valuable insights:

  • Local leaders matter: Collaboration opens doors and paves the way for success.

  • Community eagerness thrives: When empowered, communities find solutions within themselves.

  • Empowered women, stronger communities: Gender equality is the cornerstone of disaster preparedness.

  • Together, we rise: Unity and shared vision fuel positive change.

Join the Movement:

RWCRC's story is an invitation to stand alongside them, to believe in the power of empowered women and collaborative communities. By supporting their work, you become part of a movement building a future where disasters are faced with resilience, where hearts are healed with compassion, and where women's voices lead the way towards a safe and just world.

Together, let's create a world where communities stand strong, where women lead the charge, and where the ripples of empowerment echo far and wide.

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