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Nurunutan Yang Tagbanua Calamian Tong Calawit May Quezon

Pagsasakapangyarihan ng mga katutubong Tagbanwa Calamian ng NTCQ para sa pangkalahatan, sama-sama at sustenabling pag-unlad

Proposed by the Nurunutan Yang Tagbanua Calamian Tong Calawit may Quezon (NTCQ), Samahan ng mga Nanay ng Calawit, and in partnership with the Partnership of Philippine Support Service Agencies (PHILSSA), aims to strengthen the indigenous community of NTCQ, who were once evicted from their ancestral land but after forming the Balik Calawit Movement (BCM), were able to reclaim their land. As part of the rebuilding process, the action hopes to support the community by providing collective planning platforms and supporting these plans that could potentially centre on creating sustainable livelihood opportunities, and delivery of social services such as a safe water system, health and education, among others.

Fresh New Leaf

Empowering Tagbanwa Calamian for a Sustainable Future: NTCQ's Journey

Imagine a vibrant Tagbanwa Calamian community, thriving on sustainable practices, cultural pride, and empowered leadership. This vision drives NTCQ's transformative work, building capacity, securing livelihoods, and promoting eco-tourism development, guided by their ADSDPP.


Building Strong Foundations:

  • Leadership & Governance: Enhanced IP governance systems and "bayanihan" spirit strengthen community organization and decision-making.

  • Indigenous Knowledge: Documentation of IKSPs preserves cultural heritage and informs sustainable practices.

  • Partnership Building: Collaborative networks with government, NGOs, and institutions enable resource sharing and advocacy.


Empowering Community Development:

  • Sustainable Livelihoods: Eco-tourism projects like the mangrove boardwalk generate income and promote cultural stewardship.

  • Food Security & Education: Collaborations with government agencies address education and livelihood needs, ensuring basic rights.

  • Peaceful & Healthy Community: Orderly and healthy living environments contribute to overall well-being and development.


Impact Amplified:

  • Self-Determination & Governance: NTCQ advocates for indigenous rights and self-governance, shifting power dynamics.

  • Community Knowledge Sharing: Learning exchanges with other communities foster best practices and peer-to-peer support.

  • Transparency & Accountability: Open communication and collaboration build trust and ensure community ownership of initiatives.


Challenges & Opportunities:

  • Sustaining Momentum: Long-term funding and capacity building are crucial for continued progress.

  • Youth Engagement: Empowering young people as future leaders and knowledge bearers is essential.

  • Documentation & Advocacy: Sharing stories and best practices strengthens advocacy efforts for wider impact.

Join the Movement:

Investing in NTCQ means:

  • Empowering Indigenous communities to build a future based on their own values and aspirations.

  • Promoting sustainable development models that respect cultural heritage and the environment.

  • Amplifying Indigenous voices and advocating for their rights and self-determination.

Together, we can help NTCQ realize their vision of a thriving, empowered Tagbanwa Calamian community, setting a shining example for sustainable development.

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