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Liga ng mga Organisasyon ng Kababaihang Nagkakaisa (LORENA)

2-Day General Assembly with National Women Situation

Proposed by the Liga ng mga Organisasyon ng mga Kababaihang Nagkakaisa (LORENA), the action intends to support the gathering of its member organizations based in the National Capital Region in the hope of re-organizing the federation and holding a planning space as the organization rethinks its sustainability strategy.

Fresh New Leaf

Strengthening Women's Voices, Building a Powerful Movement

Imagine a thriving NCR where women stand united, their voices amplified, and their rights championed. This is the powerful vision guiding LORENA's transformative 2-day general assembly, a crucial step in consolidating the group, developing its strength, and amplifying its impact.


Building Unity, Empowering Action:

  • Formalized Structure: Legal accreditation ensures access to resources and partnerships, solidifying LORENA's foundation.

  • Shared Vision: Unified chapters collaborate to create a comprehensive 3-year plan addressing health, environment, housing, and wage issues.

  • Leadership Development: Trainings and capacity building equip leaders to guide their communities and advocate for change.

Collective Knowledge: Open communication and shared experiences strengthen organizational identity and understanding.


Impact Transforming Communities:

  • Empowered Women: Trainings on gender rights, leadership, and advocacy equip women to claim their space and fight for their needs.

  • Amplified Voice: Unified LORENA speaks out forcefully on critical issues, influencing policy and public discourse.

  • Increased Access: Collaborations with government and agencies unlock resources and services for women in the community.

Sustainable Change: Strong leadership, strategic planning, and community engagement ensure enduring impact.


A Journey of Collective Empowerment:

  • Local Initiatives: Chapter meetings, campaigns, and activities address local needs and expand outreach.

  • Nationwide Solidarity: Participation in national events like EDSA commemorations and press briefings raises awareness and builds alliances.

  • Community Engagement: Street flash mobs, discussions, and awareness campaigns raise consciousness and encourage participation.

  • Resource Mobilization: Fundraising efforts and partnerships provide financial stability and support program development.


Challenges and Opportunities:

  • Time Constraints: Balancing domestic responsibilities with activism requires creative solutions and community support.

  • Leadership Development: Ongoing training and engagement are crucial to sustain momentum and recruit new partners.

  • Documentation and Advocacy: Sharing stories and learning, developing materials, and building advocacy skills are key for ongoing impact.

  • Collaborative Partnerships: Strong partnerships with organizations like ACSF can accelerate progress and shift power dynamics.

Join the Movement:

Supporting LORENA means investing in:

  • Empowering women to build a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

  • Creating a more just and equitable society where women's voices are heard and rights are upheld.

  • Investing in sustainable community development with long-lasting impact.

Together, we can amplify LORENA's impact and empower women across NCR to build a future where they thrive with dignity, solidarity, and collective power.

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