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Km7 Farmers Producer Cooperative

Malamboon ug Mapadayonon nga Pag-panguma

A partnership between KM7 Farmers-Producer Cooperative based in Brgy. Tungao, Butuan City, and the Christ the King Parish aim to build the capacity of small farmers on good agricultural practices, manage an agri-business enterprise, and link with various government agencies for additional support and resources.

Fresh New Leaf

Cultivating Hope: KFPC's Journey Towards Thriving Farmlands and Resilient Communities

Imagine a landscape teeming with healthy crops, nurtured by the hands of empowered farmers. This is the vision driving KFPC's "Prosperous and Sustainable Farming" initiative, an inspiring journey transforming lives and landscapes.


Empowering Farmers, Rooted in Knowledge:

  • Seeds of Wisdom Sown: Farmers blossom with expertise in organic farming practices, cultivating vibrant harvests naturally.

  • Skills Take Root: Business knowledge empowers them to market their produce effectively, ensuring fair returns and economic independence.

  • Sustainable Practices Flourish: By meeting government standards, farmers gain access to valuable support, strengthening their long-term resilience.


Blossoming Impact, Nourishing Lives:

  • Reaching Rural Communities: KFPC's dedication extends beyond borders, addressing the unique needs of farmers in often overlooked areas.

  • Nourishing Families and Communities: Nutritious food becomes readily available, fostering health and well-being within communities.

  • Preparing for Challenges: From unforeseen crises to climate change, empowered farmers possess the skills to adapt and thrive.


Beyond Harvest, Building Collaboration:

  • From Tabuan to Festival: Events like "Tabuan sa Parokya" and the "Harvest Festival" bridge the gap between farmers and consumers, fostering understanding and shared prosperity.

  • Partnerships Bloom: Collaborations with government agencies, parishes, and indigenous communities build a strong network of support, amplifying the project's impact with an additional Php 2,704,900 reinforcements from different partners.

  • Higaonon Tribe: Sharing the Harvest: KFPC extends a helping hand to the Higaonon tribe, fostering inclusion and knowledge exchange.


Fruits of Labor, Measured in Growth:

  • Active Communal Farms: Sprawling across 16 hectares, communal farms stand as testaments to collective effort and dedication.

  • Values Bloom: Trust, teamwork, and inclusivity cultivate a vibrant community spirit, driving progress beyond mere numbers.

  • Lessons Learned, Shared Wisdom: Flexibility, partnership, and localized solutions pave the way for sustainable and adaptable farming practices.

Join the Movement, Plant a Seed of Change:

KFPC's story is an invitation to join a movement nurturing both fertile lands and resilient communities. By supporting their work, you become part of a journey towards:

  • Empowered farmers equipped with knowledge and skills to thrive.

  • Sustainable agricultural practices that safeguard the environment for future generations.

  • Inclusive communities where everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Together, let's watch this initiative blossom, its roots reaching deep into the earth, its branches spreading hope and prosperity for all. Let's support KFPC and cultivate a brighter future where communities flourish, nourished by the fruits of collective effort and sustainable practices.

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