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Freeport Workers League (FWL)


Proposed by the Kaisahan ng mga Sasakyang Namamasada sa Bataan (KASAKBAYAN), DLHB Transport Service Corporation and Elpidio Avellanoza Freeport Workers League, the action aims to strengthen the association of the public transport sector in Bataan by instilling the importance of solidarity, volunteerism and membership contribution to support its individual members and the collective aspiration of the association.

Fresh New Leaf

FWL Strengthens Public Transport Sector in Bataan: Building Solidarity, Delivering Impact

Imagine public transport drivers in Bataan, empowered and united, facing challenges as a collective force. This is the inspiring vision driving FWL's transformative initiative, the "Strengthening Association of the Public Transport Sector in Bataan."


Fueling Solidarity, Empowering Action:

  • Disaster Readiness: DRR seminars equip leaders to respond effectively to emergencies, ensuring swift aid delivery to members in times of need.

  • Continuous Service: Through volunteerism, members remain active providers of essential services during calamities, upholding public trust.

  • Mutual Aid Culture: Leadership training and workshops cultivate values of solidarity and cooperation, fostering a strong support network within the sector.

  • Collaborative Partnerships: Building relationships with other sectors and agencies provides access to resources and amplifies advocacy efforts.


Impact Transforming Lives:

  • Empowered Leaders: Leaders equipped with skills and knowledge guide their communities, ensuring informed decision-making and effective collaboration.

  • Self-Reliant Members: Access to fuel subsidies, rice loans, and auto parts stores reduces dependence on "relief" and promotes sustainable livelihoods.

  • Strengthened Community: Collective action fosters solidarity and trust, leading to more resilient and empowered communities.

  • Shifting Power Dynamics: By advocating for fair policies and building partnerships, the public transport sector gains a stronger voice in shaping their future.


A Journey of Shared Success:

  • Transparency and Ownership: Open communication and collaborative planning ensure project ownership and encourage member participation.

  • Building on Local Needs: Addressing issues like fuel price fluctuations and disaster preparedness ensures solutions resonate with specific community concerns.

  • Sustainable Growth: Revolving funds, training, and mentorship empower community leaders to sustain and expand initiatives independently.


Challenges and Opportunities:

  • Expanding Participation: Ongoing outreach and tailored trainings can encourage broader involvement from women drivers and smaller associations.

  • Advocacy Strategies: Collaborating with human rights organizations and strategic public campaigns can amplify the sector's voice on policy issues.

  • Knowledge Sharing: Establishing mentorship programs and peer-to-peer learning networks can ensure best practices are shared and institutionalized.

Join the Movement:

Supporting FWL means investing in:

  • Empowering public transport workers to build a self-reliant future.

  • Creating a more equitable and just society where all voices are heard.

  • Investing in sustainable community development that empowers people to build a better tomorrow.

Together, we can amplify the impact of FWL's work, empowering the public transport sector in Bataan to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and build a future where they thrive with dignity and solidarity.

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