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The Philippines can be appreciated as a destination country for studies, research, and visits by virtue of its plethora of knowledge, good practices, and lessons learned forged through its extensive experience and resilience in facing disasters. In order to foster good partnership and collective resilience with other neighboring countries, the Philippine Preparedness Partnership (PhilPrep) aims to offer study visits with APP program countries to draw valuable insights and experiences that can be applied to the Philippines. The vast collection of experience and knowledge from APP program countries can also be shared and exchanged with other existing networks in Asia such as the Global Network of Civil Society Organizations for Disaster Risk Reduction (GNDR) and the Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network (ADRRN). Their existing CBDRRM hubs could allow PhilPrep’s community-level actors to partake in the cross-country platforms.


As such, efforts to promote South-South learning were made through the development of PhilPrep learning package booklets on (a) Governance, featuring why and how “good DRR is good governance”; (b) Partnerships, which presents various case studies of public, private, and CSO partnerships whether intra- or inter-sectoral in nature; (c) CBDRRM in the Philippines, highlighting to the visitors a more in-depth knowledge and understanding of DRRM in the Philippines; and (d) Pandemic experience and preparation in the Philippines.

PhilPrep Learning Package Booklets

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