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We Empower The Voice Of The Youth

I am a German intern here at the Center for Disaster Preparedness and it was an early rainy Monday morning. I was with Ian, a community organizer from CDP working in the field here in Labnig. Ian didn’t choose the meeting time to be this early and obviously neither did I. It was the local youth Organization 'WEVOY'. To be honest, when I saw the huge number of young people marching through the cold morning rain at that time on a holiday, I was more than just impressed. In my home country that would never happen. At this point, without knowing WEVOY in detail, I already knew that those young people must be very motivated. With around 60 participants, more than officially announced, we started

Global CSO partners learn and share DRR practices in QC

The Center for Disaster Preparedness (CDP), together with the Global Network of Civil Society Organizations for Disaster Reduction (GNDR) organized the Evaluation Framework Design Workshop, the first activity under the project ‘Institutionalizing Sustainable Community Based Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM)’ at Novotel Manila, Philippines last September 20- 22, 2017. The aforesaid project was supported by Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance - United States Agency for International Development (OFDA-USAID). The workshop was participated by regional and national members and partners of GNDR from Asia which includes Sustainable Environment and Ecological Development Society (SEEDS) from India,

PWD or Person with Disability: To Acronym or Not to Acronym?

Do you find yourself using the acronym PWD whenever you encounter a person with disability? For many years, we are used to coining acronyms to simplify long and complex words that needed repetition in papers and in our daily lives. Say, National Council for Disability Affairs (NCDA) or Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), we normally use these acronyms to identify government offices, institutions and organizations, and even places and things to shorten the phrases. Acronym, as defined by Oxford dictionary, is a word formed out of the first letters of phrases or group of words or titles. It is used to avoid repeating lengthy phrases we often use in our everyday language. It is

Network of CSOs in DRR convene for 5th GA

The Disaster Risk Reduction Network Philippines (DRRNetPhils) held its fifth General Assembly last September 5-7, 2017, at the La Breza Hotel, Quezon City. At the assembly, member organizations and individuals reviewed and updated institutional concerns such as the network’s mandate, organizational structure, membership guidelines and agreement, and expenses over the past two years. The agenda on SEC registration, as well as the members’ comments and opinions about it, were also discussed during the assembly. Localization of Humanitarian Response Following the launch of the Charter for Change (C4C) and the Grand Bargain Agreement at the 2016 World Humanitarian Summit, which both aims to loca

Why organizing matters for persons with disabilities

Why do organizing play a significant role in the lives of persons with disabilities? For the members of Disabled Peoples Organization (DPO) in Balangiga, Eastern Samar, it serves a channel for them to elevate their issues and concerns to duty-bearers and stakeholders. “We are not often heard, and sometimes, government offices do not heed to our requests, especially when it comes to calls,” Ms. Jane Macawile shares, as she recalls her experiences in following up their identification cards. “They sometimes call me Mrs. Kulit because I constantly visit their offices and follow up.” Ms. Jane, a person with visual impairment, serves as secretary of DPO-Balangiga. She tirelessly visits key offices

Starting them young in DRRM

Marc Arvin Gestiada was on time on an early Sunday morning in the barangay hall of Dalnac, Paracale, Camarines Norte. Marc is 18 years old, and the president of the local youth organization, Thunders. Aldrean Garchitorena, on the other hand, is the group's vice-president. Their members have gathered to attend a training on basic life support, provided by the Center for Disaster Preparedness (CDP), in collaboration with the local municipality and UNICEF. Marc and Aldrean facilitate the interactions of their members and ensure that the kids increase their knowledge on disaster preparedness -- learning and while having fun at the same time. The basic life support training equips the young peopl

Towards a Child Centered Disaster Risk Resilient Municipality

DRREAM BIG Phase 2, a project launched by UNICEF together with Center for Disaster Preparedness (CDP), covered two barangays in the Municipality of Paracale in Camarines Norte. The project designed to implement community based projects that showcase child-centered DRR initiatives not only on the two focused barangays but also to the remaining barangays in Paracale. Aside from this, real and active participation from the youth on project endeavors supported by the councils and other stakeholders in both barangay and municipal level was also part of the project’s goal. Pool of Trainers and Barangays on CC-DRR From the two-focused barangays, Labnig and Dalnac, the Municipal DRRM Officer, Mr. A



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