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Piktaw: From Survivors to Advocates

Is there really a need to further capacitate key stakeholders in the municipalities of Giporlos, Quinapondan, and Salcedo, Eastern Samar? After typhoon Haiyan ravaged the whole of Eastern Visayas, various non-governmentorganizations (NGOs) initiated a multitude of capacity-building activities to address the gaps in disaster risk reduction and management (DRRM). Ranging from contingency planning up to search and rescue operations, almost, if not all, offices in the three municipalities gained basic knowledge in DRRM and climate change adaptation (CCA). Agencies such as the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) even piloted flood and storm surge drills in the three municipalities, which

Lamrag, Quinapondan!

Located in the Pacific Ocean and Eastern Seaboard, Quinapondan is a fifth class municipality in Eastern Samar with 25 barangays in the coastal and upland areas. The municipality is among the areas devastated by typhoon Haiyan with most of its infrastructures totally damaged. The people have suffered more from multiple losses in their livelihood and properties. After Haiyan, various government and non-government agencies have provided a myriad of interventions in the municipality in DRR including WASH, livelihood, shelter, among many others. With the help of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Quinapondan has crafted its Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Plan and conting

Young Hands and Hearts Work toward Community Resilience

“I’ve always been interested in learning how I can save lives – in learning how to rescue other people in the face of disasters. I am thankful to CDP and UNICEF for teaching us to be able to do that. By attending their trainings, not only was I able to make new friends, but now, my community is better prepared for disasters. They really helped us a lot,” says Aldrean Garchitorena on the project that taught young people like him how to dream big for their community’s resilience. The project, which was dubbed “Disaster Risk Reduction through Education and Managing Barangay Integrated Goals toward Disaster-Resilient Communities and Schools in Basud and Paracale (DRREAM BIG),” was an initiative



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