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Unang Hakbang Foundation Inc.

Isagisag Ang Kakayahang Bayan

Proposed by Unang Hakbang Foundation, the action intends to model community philanthropy as a way to address a basic need in education and to develop a template for replicating this model in other communities that includes establishing partnerships with the local government units and civil society organizations. The action intends to conduct participatory action research on education-related issues affecting children, youth and adults in the partner community by mobilising youth and women volunteers as researchers. The results of the research will inform the action planning process of the community and will then be presented to local government and other civic organizations for relevant action and support.

Fresh New Leaf

Empowering Communities, Advancing Education Together

Imagine a future where entire communities unite to champion education, ensuring every child has the opportunity to learn and thrive. This is the vision driving Unang Hakbang's innovative initiative, "Model community philanthropy as a way to address basic needs in education."


Building a Brighter Future, Together:

  • Empowering Communities: Unang Hakbang empowers communities to take ownership of their educational needs, fostering self-reliance and sustainable solutions.

  • Replicable Model: By developing a replicable template, they envision their impact multiplying across communities, creating a wave of positive change.

  • Collaborative Spirit: Unang Hakbang fosters partnerships with local governments and civil society organizations, leveraging collective strengths and resources.


Impact That Matters:

  • Lifelong Learning Champion: Unang Hakbang goes beyond basic education, promoting a culture of lifelong learning for personal and community growth.

  • Engaged Constituency: They cultivate a wider community invested in education, advocating for change and ensuring every child's success.

  • Governmental Collaboration: Building partnerships with government entities ensures alignment with official policies and resource allocation.


From Vision to Action:

  • Successful Recruitment: Engaging volunteers is the backbone of the initiative, ensuring efficient program execution.

  • Established Venues: Dedicated spaces within Mandaluyong City provide a focal point for community learning activities.

  • Stakeholder Support: The program's introduction has been well-received, garnering valuable support from key stakeholders.

  • Cross-Sector Partnerships: Collaboration with diverse community sectors creates a holistic and inclusive approach.


Challenges and Learnings:

  • Adaptability: Unang Hakbang recognizes the need to adapt their program based on community needs and ongoing evaluation.

  • Sustainability: Ensuring the long-term viability of the model through capacity building and resource generation is crucial.

Join the Movement:

Supporting Unang Hakbang means investing in:

  • Empowering communities to shape their own educational future.

  • Creating a culture of lifelong learning for all.

  • Building a more equitable and prosperous society through education.

Together, we can amplify Unang Hakbang's impact and create a world where every child has the chance to reach their full potential.

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