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Tabang Sikad

BATAN-ON: Emerging Grassroots Leaders, Uplifting Progressive Change

Proposed by Tabang Sikad, a youth-based and youth-led community-based organization based in Cagayan de Oro City, the action intends to develop its youth volunteers as grassroots leaders actively involved in community development. As a movement building and strengthening action, it will focus on building the capacities of grassroots youth leaders, creating platforms for community participation, particularly of the marginalized and the disadvantaged sectors, as they seek participation in policy-making, programs, and actions of the government.

Fresh New Leaf

Cultivating Tomorrow's Changemakers, Today

Imagine a future where passionate young leaders champion the voices of their communities, driving positive change from the ground up. This is the vision guiding Tabang Sikad's impactful initiative, "Develop youth volunteers as grassroots leaders, platforms for community participation."


Empowering Youth, Strengthening Communities:

  • Nurturing Leadership: 30 young individuals are equipped with vital skills in community organizing, transforming them into effective grassroots leaders.

  • Unveiling Local Realities: Community reports, gathered through immersive experiences, provide invaluable insights into the needs and challenges faced by local communities.

  • Building Solidarity: A dedicated association of these leaders will champion the causes of marginalized communities, creating a united front for positive change.


Impacting Lives, Inspiring Action:

  • Personal Growth: Through volunteerism and leadership development, young people discover their voices and potential, building self-confidence and a commitment to service.

  • Driving Systemic Change: Addressing the root causes of community issues, they advocate for solutions that create lasting impact, not just temporary fixes.

  • Sustainable Action: Project management training ensures effective implementation and long-term success of community initiatives.

  • Amplifying Community Voices: By actively engaging youth leaders, Tabang Sikad strengthens community participation and ensures diverse perspectives are heard.


From Vision to Action:

  • Engaging Diverse Sectors: Young leaders from fisherfolks, LGBTQIA+, victim-survivors, and student groups collaborate, bringing diverse perspectives to the table.

  • Hands-on Learning: Batan-ON Camps provide immersion experiences in community organizing, equipping participants with real-world skills.

  • Facilitating Dialogue: Community-based dialogues promote reflection and collective action, turning learnings into concrete commitments.


Together, We Can Make a Difference:

Supporting Tabang Sikad means investing in:

  • Empowering young leaders to become agents of change.

  • Strengthening the voices of marginalized communities.

  • Building a more just and equitable society for all.

Join hands with Tabang Sikad and be part of this inspiring journey. 

Together, we can empower the next generation of leaders to build a brighter future for their communities.

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