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Sea Breeze Homeowners’ Association for Taal Volcano Victims

Tugon Project: Isang Proyekto Para Suportahan ang Pangkabuhayang Gawain Ng Mga Inilipat na Pamilya sa Ibaan, Batangas Dahil Sa Pagputok ng Bulkang Taal

The Sea Breeze Homeowner’s Associaton for Taal Volcano Victims is composed of 585 families relocated from various barangays (San Nicolas, Agoncllo, Laurel, Talisay and Balete) affected by the 2020 Taal Volcano eruption whilst in the middle of the pandemic. The group managed to start and set up an economic enterprise (bakery) but it now needs additional resources and funds to establish the group’s cooperative and strengthen its governance and leadership. The group is also supported by the Cooperation for Local Development Solutions Inc.

Fresh New Leaf

From Ashes to Opportunity: SBWA's Journey of Empowerment and Recovery

Imagine a community once devastated by volcanic eruption, now brimming with new life and hope. This is the inspiring story of Sea Breeze Women's Association (SBWA), a beacon of resilience and collective action.


Empowering Livelihoods, Rising Above Challenges:

  • Rebuilding Together: SBWA established cooperatives and businesses like bread bakeries and grocery stores, offering income generation and economic independence.

  • Women on the Rise: Empowering women through leadership roles and business training, SBWA fosters self-reliance and challenges cultural norms.

  • Partnership for Progress: Collaborations with organizations like ACSF provide crucial funding and resources, fueling the community's growth.


Seeds of Prosperity, Blossoming Impact:

  • From Crisis to Collaboration: The once unregistered group is now officially recognized, demonstrating their dedication and the power of collective effort.

  • Flourishing Businesses: The rice store thrives, generating income and showcasing their entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Unity in Action: Shared goals and collaborative leadership cultivate a strong sense of community, fostering trust and mutual support.


Beyond Numbers, Stories Unfold:

  • Strengthened Self-Confidence: Individuals emerge as leaders, breaking down barriers and empowering others.

  • Lifelong Learnings: Trainings and workshops equip members with valuable skills, building confidence and financial literacy.

  • Community Philanthropy: Inspired by ACSF's support, SBWA seeks opportunities to help others in need, spreading the spirit of compassion.


Challenges Transformed, Lessons Learned:

  • Unwavering Spirit: Overcoming hurdles like childcare and cultural limitations, SBWA's dedication remains unwavering.

  • Resilience Rooted in Unity: Effective communication and conflict resolution practices forge a united front, fostering growth and resilience.

  • Community Support, Key to Success: Collaboration with local government and organizations amplifies their impact and access to resources.

Join the Legacy, Build a Brighter Future:

SBWA's story is an invitation to be part of something bigger. By supporting their journey, you contribute to:

  • Sustainable livelihoods and economic empowerment for families.

  • Women's leadership and the breaking down of cultural barriers.

  • A thriving community built on resilience, collaboration, and hope.

Together, let's invest in the future of Sea Breeze, where hardship transforms into opportunity, and a united community builds a brighter tomorrow. Be a part of their extraordinary journey, where ashes transform into the seeds of prosperity and empowerment.

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