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Strengthening Alliance of Victims for Empowerment against Disasters in Rizal

Bayanihan Para sa Evacuation at Multi-Purpose Center ng SAVED Rizal

By mobilising the bayanihan spirit and contributions of its members, SAVED Rizal hopes to establish its community-managed centre that will serve as an evacuation centre for community members who are living around Laguna lake affected by seasonal monsoons and flooding. The centre will also serve as an economic centre, especially for the ongoing economic activities of its 19 organization members. As a federation of 19 member organisations (mostly fisherfolks and women-led organizations) living around Laguna lake, the federation managed to put up their organizational funds from membership dues and economic activities. The organizational funds are then used to support different activities including children’s education, emergency support, disaster response and advocacy work to advance fisherfolk’s rights and resettlement. The collective funds were able to provide assistance to 17 households devastated by fire in 2017, setting-up community pantries during COVID-19, augmented school supplies for school-age children in the community, and supported members during hospitalisation and disaster. Due to the pandemic and exacerbated by the dwindling fish catch, membership funds and contributions have been affected. SAVED Rizal hopes to recover their funds by strengthening its livelihood programs and continuing its campaign on resource management and lake preservation. They are also continuing their partnership with various development and academic-based institutions such as the De La Salle Unversity.

Fresh New Leaf

Building Hope, Brick by Brick

Imagine a community nestled near a lake, constantly facing the threat of floods. But amidst the vulnerability, resilience thrives. SAVED-Rizal, a community organization, is building more than just an evacuation center; they're constructing a beacon of hope - a multi-purpose center that will serve as both a safe haven and a hub for community growth.


A Fortress Against Floods:

When heavy rains and rising waters threaten, the center will transform into a sanctuary, offering secure shelter for families in the lake area. This will bring peace of mind and protect lives during times of disaster.


Beyond Disaster Relief:

  • But the center's purpose extends far beyond emergencies. It will become a vibrant hub for community activities, empowering residents in several ways:

  • Livelihood opportunities: Workshops and trainings will equip members with skills to boost their income and improve their quality of life.

  • Engaging the youth: Activities and programs will keep young minds active, fostering positive development and shaping future leaders.

  • Empowering awareness: Educational sessions will raise awareness about youth and women's rights, promoting equality and justice within the community.


A Partnership for Progress:

  • This remarkable project is made possible by the powerful collaboration between SAVED-Rizal and the Abot-kamay Community Solidarity Fund. This partnership demonstrates the transformative power of collective action and shared commitment to community development.


Progress in Motion:

  • The journey has already begun with a significant down payment for the land, marking a crucial step towards making this dream a reality.

Join the Ripple Effect:

By supporting SAVED-Rizal's initiative, you become part of a ripple effect of positive change. You invest in:

  • Building a resilient community prepared to face challenges.

  • Creating opportunities for growth and empowerment.

  • Fostering a future filled with hope and possibility.

Together, let's turn this vision into a reality, brick by brick, and empower SAVED-Rizal to build a brighter future for their community.

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