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Samahan ng Bugsuk-Palawan

Ibalik ang lupa ng Bugsuk

In 2014, the Department of Agrarian Reform issued a Notice of Coverage that acknowledges the legitimate claim of the Molbog, Kagayanen and Palawanon tribes in the island of Bugsuk in Balabac, Palawan after the communities were forcibly evicted in 1974 (SAMBILOG, a video documentary). As part of the organization's struggle to reclaim its land, the action intends to re-establish and strengthen its organization and create IP centres in Palawan.

Fresh New Leaf

The Undying Spirit of Bugsuk: Reclaiming Land, Reviving Culture

Deep in the heart of Palawan, the Samahan ng Bugsuk community stands tall, a testament to resilience and unwavering spirit. Their battle cry: reclaim their ancestral land, revitalize their organization, and safeguard their cultural heritage.


Seeds of Hope Sprout Anew:

Their journey unfolds in six powerful acts:

  • Reclaiming their Birthright: Undeterred by challenges, they fight for their land, navigating legal complexities and seeking justice through peaceful avenues.

  • Rekindling the Flame: Former leaders reunite, embers of hope ignite. Community meetings become forums for shared purpose, uniting generations.

  • Empowering the Guardians of Nature: Youth step forward, armed with knowledge and skills, becoming responsible stewards of their land and traditions.

  • Building Bridges of Understanding: Engaging with media and government agencies, they amplify their voices, advocating for their rights and cultural preservation.

  • From the Earth, a Sanctuary Rises: A magnificent tribal hall stands as a beacon, a symbol of community spirit and collective strength.

  • Knowledge Passed Down, Legacy Secured: Learnings are meticulously documented, ensuring future generations inherit the wisdom and unwavering spirit of the Bugsuk people.


Beyond the Numbers:

Their success story transcends mere statistics:

  • 200 voices join the chorus, their cries for justice echoing across the island.

  • 40 young protectors emerge, safeguarding their heritage for generations to come.

  • A tribal hall stands proud, a testament to unity and cultural identity.

  • Lessons whispered, wisdom preserved, ensuring the fight continues beyond a single generation.


Echoes of Resilience:

Their journey whispers valuable lessons:

  • Persistence is power: Even in the face of setbacks, the Bugsuk people persevere, their spirit unbroken.

  • Unity is strength: Collaboration across generations and with external allies fuels their fight.

  • Knowledge is freedom: Equipping youth with skills and understanding empowers them to carry the torch.

  • Culture endures: Traditions are meticulously preserved, ensuring their legacy lives on.

Join the Movement:

The Bugsuk people's story is an invitation to stand alongside them, to amplify their voices and support their unwavering pursuit of justice. By joining their movement, you become part of a powerful legacy, ensuring that the spirit of Bugsuk continues to inspire future generations to fight for their rightful place in the world.

Together, let's create a future where ancestral lands are protected, cultural heritage thrives, and the voices of indigenous communities are heard and respected.

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