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Participatory Research Organization of Communities and Education towards Struggle for Self-reliance Foundation, Panay

Making IP Voices Heard: an empowerment activity towards protection and promotion of IP (Ati culture and traditions)

Proposed by the Participatory Research Organization of Communities and Education towards Struggle for Self-Reliance (PROCESS Foundation), the action intends to work with the Ati community in the province of Antique in formulating their provincial IP agenda, including an action planning towards influencing the passage and enactment of the agenda in the local government unit’s development plan. The action will also create awareness of the mandatory representation of indigenous people in local development councils and policy-making bodies.

Fresh New Leaf

Where Voices Rise and Rights Resound

Imagine a future where the indigenous Ati people of Antique stand tall, their voices echoing in the halls of power. This is the vision driving PROCESS Foundation, a tenacious champion paving the way for cultural respect, social equity, and empowered communities.


Building Bridges, Shaping Destiny:

Their partnership with the Ati community unfolds in four powerful acts:

  • Crafting a Shared Vision: Through the Provincial IP Agenda, they forge a roadmap that prioritizes the unique needs and aspirations of the Ati people.

  • Empowering Champions: Equipping IP leaders with knowledge of legal frameworks like NCIP Administrative Order No. 3, Series of 2018, empowers them to confidently assert their rights.

  • Taking Action, Collectively: A strategic action plan paves the way for lobbying efforts, securing IP-focused ordinances, and integrating their needs into local development plans.

  • Identifying Allies: Building bridges with champions within provincial LGUs amplifies the Ati voice and fosters a collaborative approach to development.


The Symphony of Success:

The impact resonates in powerful chords:

  • LGU Budgets Sing a New Tune: Funds now respond to the specific needs and priorities identified by the Ati community.

  • Confidence Takes Center Stage: The Ati community actively participates in LGU activities, and their voices are heard and respected.

  • Rights Find Harmony: Projects like tribal halls and land acquisition demonstrate tangible progress towards securing Ati rights.

  • Empowerment Echoes Beyond: From CADT applications to IPRA Law awareness sessions, the Foundation fosters self-reliance and cultural preservation.


Beyond the Numbers:

This story transcends mere statistics:

  • 79 voices unite, their diverse perspectives shaping a future built on inclusivity.

  • 3 million pesos were allocated, a testament to the growing recognition of Ati needs.

  • Shifting the power dynamic, the Ati community takes active ownership of their development journey.

  • Decolonizing aid and resources empower, not impose, fostering self-determination.

Join the Movement:

PROCESS Foundation's story is an invitation to stand alongside the Ati community in their pursuit of a just and equitable future. By supporting their work, you become part of a powerful movement ensuring that every voice is heard, every right is protected, and the rich cultural tapestry of the Ati people continues to flourish.

Together, let's build a future where voices resonate, rights are protected, and the Ati community thrives as valued and equal partners in shaping their own destiny.

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