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Pagkakaisa ng Samahan ng Mangingisda Pilipinas

Pagpupundar ng kapangyarihan ng mamamayan sa lokalidad at itulak ang sustenableng pag-unlad at pagbabago

Proposed by the Pagkakaisa ng Samahan ng Mangingisda-Pilipinas (PANGISDA-Pilipinas), the action aims to revive, strengthen and unify the different community-based and fisherfolk organizations in the coastal communities of Manila Bay (National Capital Region) and use this collective strength and plan to converse with relevant government agencies and local government units on issues related to economic development and resource preservation, among others. PANGISDA-Pilipinas will be working alongside their members in Bacoor, Bulacan, Navotas, Paranaque and Las Pinas. The group recognizes that whilst the pandemic brought massive and deep poverty and hunger across all sectors, volunteerism and the bayanihan spirit have been more alive than ever and they are hoping to keep the momentum going with the proposed action.

Fresh New Leaf

Reviving Manila Bay, Reviving Hope: PANGISDA-Pilipinas Action's Journey

Imagine a thriving Manila Bay teeming with life, where empowered fisherfolk communities manage their own destinies. This vision drives PANGISDA-Pilipinas Action, a movement uniting Manila Bay communities to address economic struggles, fight for resource preservation, and demand a voice in their future.


Building Collective Power:

  • Unifying Voices: Through meetings, discussions, and learning sessions, fragmented communities become a strong, united force, amplifying their concerns.

  • Strengthening Organizations: Existing and new fisherfolk organizations gain capacity and confidence, enabling them to empower their communities and challenge top-down power structures.

  • Local Partnerships: Collaboration with local governments and citizen groups fosters solidarity, enhances advocacy impact, and builds mutual aid networks.


Demanding Change, Driving Solutions:

  • Community Plans: Collectively developed plans address livelihood needs, environmental protection, health, and nature, offering concrete proposals to authorities.

  • Leadership Development: Leaders gain skills in project management and organizational governance, ensuring community-driven development.

  • Advocacy & Action: From media interviews to public hearings and protests, PANGISDA-Pilipinas Action raises awareness, pushes back against harmful policies, and demands accountability.


Impact Ripples Throughout Manila Bay:

  • 12 Barangays Empowered: Local organizations established across 12 Manila Bay communities, representing thousands of fisherfolk.

  • Active Participation & Leadership: Increased engagement, with leaders guiding community activities and planning sessions.

  • Concrete Victories: Prevented demolition of fishing equipment, forced retraction of harmful declarations, and halted reclamation projects.

  • Shifting Power Dynamics: Government forced to listen, investigate, and consider community alternatives.


Challenges & Opportunities:

  • Sustaining Momentum: Long-term funding and capacity building are crucial to maintain progress and expand outreach.

  • Engaging Youth: Empowering young fisherfolk as future leaders and knowledge bearers is essential for long-term impact.

  • Knowledge Sharing & Advocacy: Continued documentation and storytelling ensure wider recognition and support for the movement's goals.

Join the Movement:

PANGISDA-Pilipinas Action invites you to:

  • Support community-driven solutions for Manila Bay's revival.

  • Advocate for the rights and voices of fisherfolk communities.

  • Partner in building a just and sustainable future for all.

Together, we can help make PANGISDA-Pilipinas Action's vision a reality, ensuring a thriving Manila Bay where empowered communities lead the way.

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