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Kaisa Ka Youth

Kababaihang mulat at mapagpalaya ang bumibigkis sa komunidad ng maralitang tagalungsod at nagtutulak ng kalitatibong pagbabago

Proposed by Kaisa Ka Youth and the Lakas ng Nagkakaisang Kababaihan sa Barangay UP Campus. The action hopes to continue the ongoing initiatives of the organization related to the establishment of an urban gardening project in partnership with the Department of Agriculture Training Institute, and the formation of community learning hubs with volunteer tutors for online learners in the urban poor community. Kaisa Ka Youth intends to further strengthen the organization, its governance structure and leadership toward women’s/members full participation in local and national conversation platforms.

Fresh New Leaf

Kaisa Ka Youth: Embracing Empowerment, Building Tomorrow

Imagine a community where women rise as leaders, their voices echoing with strength and purpose. This is the reality Kaisa Ka Youth strives for, empowering urban women to tackle gender issues, advocate for rights, and champion positive change.


Empowering From Within:

  • Knowledge Is Power: Kaisa Ka Youth educates women on gender issues, laws, and leadership skills, instilling a sense of self-worth and agency.

  • Breaking Barriers: They challenge patriarchal norms, fostering empathy, solidarity, and cultural expression among women.

  • Beyond Theory: Hands-on learning through discussions, seminars, and community projects equips women to navigate societal complexities.


Impact Ripples Outward:

  • From Crisis to Confidence: Women are empowered to address challenges within their homes and communities, becoming agents of positive change.

  • Unleashing Potential: By recognizing women's inherent strength, Kaisa Ka Youth unlocks their ability to drive societal progress.

  • Transforming Perceptions: They foster a shift in societal views on women, promoting their essential role in community development.


Building Bridges, Building Change:

  • Learning Hubs, Unity Blooms: Collaboration with private partners led to learning hubs, fostering community spirit and shared knowledge.

  • From Seminars to Action: Hundreds of women participate in activities, empowered to advocate for housing rights, fair treatment, and public services.

  • Solidarity in Numbers: Partnerships with student youth and other organizations amplify their impact and build community strength.


Lessons Learned, Growth Gained:

  • Trust is Key: Establishing trust with partners and the community is crucial for sustainable impact.

  • Financial Transparency: Rigorous financial management ensures accountability and community confidence.

  • Local Leaders, Global Impact: Recognizing and supporting strong local leaders fosters long-term change.


The Journey Continues:

  • Facing Challenges: Kaisa Ka Youth tackles issues like demolitions, red-tagging, and patronage politics, advocating for women's rights and community well-being.

  • Sharing Experiences: Through community visits and exchanges, they learn from others and inspire change beyond their own borders.

  • Sustainable Impact: Their focus on education, leadership development, and community collaboration ensures lasting progress.

Kaisa Ka Youth is not just an organization; it's a movement for empowerment. By joining hands with them, you can support:

  • Women's leadership development and rights advocacy.

  • Building strong, resilient communities through unity and collaboration.

  • Creating a future where women are recognized, respected, and empowered to shape their own destiny.

Be part of their story, invest in change, and together, help Kaisa Ka Youth illuminate the path to a brighter future for all.

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