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Integrative Medicine for Alternative Healthcare Systems Philippines, Inc.

Documentation of the Traditional Knowledge and Practices on Health and Healing of the Dumagat Remontado of Tanay, Rizal

Proposed by the Integrative Medicine for Alternative Healthcare Systems (INAM) the Philippines and the Samahan ng mga Community Health Organization of Tanay, the action aims to preserve the culture of indigenous health and healing practices that are beneficial to the community by documenting the traditional knowledge and practices on health and healing, food and nutrition, agriculture, environment and water conservation, and social traditions of the Dumagat-Remontado.

Fresh New Leaf

Honoring Heritage, Healing Traditions with the Dumagat Remontado

Deep in the heart of Tanay, Rizal, a groundbreaking project unfolds - a collaboration between INAM and the Dumagat Remontado community to document and revitalize their ancient knowledge of health, healing, and sustainable living.

Imagine a future where:

  • Generations remember: The wisdom of medicinal plants, nourishing foods, and harmonious living passed down from elders, their cultural heritage meticulously documented and celebrated.

  • Healing blossoms: Traditional practices and modern medicine weave together, offering a unique healing tapestry for the community's well-being.

Nature thrives: Respect for the environment and responsible resource management become cornerstones of the community's life, ensuring balance and sustainability.


Unearthing Treasures, Building Bridges:

  • Conversations flow: Elders and healers share their knowledge, revealing a treasure trove of medicinal plants, edible wonders, and traditional practices.

  • Community champions: A dedicated Dumagat Remontado joins the research team, bridging cultures and ensuring authentic representation.

  • Partnerships flourish: INAM, local organizations, and government agencies unite, their diverse perspectives enriching the project.


The Ripple Effect of Wisdom:

  • Roots of cultural pride deepen: The community rediscovers its rich heritage, celebrating its unique connection to nature and healing practices.

  • Empowered voices: Dumagat Remontado knowledge takes its rightful place, influencing healthcare and environmental sustainability efforts.

  • Legacy preserved: For generations to come, the documented wisdom ensures these traditions live on, enriching the community and the world.


Beyond Milestones, A Journey of Learning:

  • Open hearts, shared knowledge: Initial hesitation from elders gives way to a willingness to share, recognizing the project's importance.

  • Navigating bureaucracy: The team perseveres through administrative hurdles, their dedication unwavering.

  • Community philanthropy thrives: Time and effort are freely given, driven by the spirit of mutual support and cultural preservation.

Join the Legacy:

INAM's work transcends traditional research. It's a journey of cultural revival, community empowerment, and sustainable living. By supporting this initiative, you become part of a movement honoring age-old wisdom, weaving together tradition and innovation for a brighter future.

Together, let's celebrate the Dumagat Remontado heritage, ensuring their knowledge continues to heal, inspire, and guide future generations.

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