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Initiatives and Movement for Gender Liberation Against Discrimination

Marching the Pride: Bringing the Human Rights Back in the LGBTQIA+ Advocacy in Cagayan De Oro and Iligan City

Proposed by the Initiatives Movement for Gender Liberation against Discrimination and in partnership with Balaod Mindanaw and Human Rights Action Network, the proponent hopes to strengthen the LGBTQIA network and allies in the two cities through awareness raising from the perspective of human rights, and building the capacity of networks and allies on policy advocacy and influencing to advance sexual orientation, gender identity and expression (SOGIE) related policy and agenda.

Fresh New Leaf

Amplifying LGBTQIA+ Voices for Human Rights in Cagayan De Oro and Iligan City

The Pulse of Pride: Imagine a vibrant movement where LGBTQIA+ communities and allies stand shoulder-to-shoulder, their voices echoing in collective action for human rights. This is the vision driving IMGLAD's transformative initiative, "Marching the Pride: Bringing the Human Rights Back in the LGBTQIA+ Advocacy."


Empowering Through Knowledge and Action:

  • Building Awareness: Educational sessions demystify human rights principles, dismantling misinformation and igniting a passion for advocacy within the LGBTQIA+ community and allies.

  • Developing Leaders: Intensive training equips participants with tools for effective advocacy, empowering them to navigate policy change and champion human rights.

  • Uniting for Impact: Partnerships with NGOs, government entities, and grassroots organizations bolster IMGLAD's reach and influence, creating a formidable network for systemic change.


Impact that Resonates:

  • Inspired Advocacy: Equipped with knowledge and confidence, LGBTQIA+ members and allies become active champions for human rights, driving positive change within their communities.

  • Policy-Driven Action: Collaborative efforts influence local ordinances and policies, ensuring their inclusivity and alignment with human rights principles.

  • Sustainable Community Growth: By fostering ownership and responsibility, IMGLAD cultivates a self-sustaining ecosystem of empowered LGBTQIA+ communities.


A Journey of Transformation:

  • Harnessing Youth Power: Engaging young volunteers as project leaders and advocates injects fresh energy and innovative ideas into the movement.

  • Localization Matters: Tailoring strategies to the specific contexts of Cagayan De Oro and Iligan City ensures culturally relevant and impactful interventions.

  • Building Bridges: Partnering with progressive NGOs leverages expertise and strengthens the overall advocacy network.


Milestones and Insights:

  • 3,395 Lavan Letters: A powerful testament to community engagement, exceeding the national target and amplifying LGBTQIA+ voices.

  • 68 Stakeholders Reached: Engaging cis-heterosexual allies alongside LGBTQIA+ individuals promotes understanding and fosters a broader support base.

  • 35 Trained Advocates: Equipped with lobbying and documentation skills, these community leaders are spearheading grassroots change.

Join the Movement:

Supporting IMGLAD means investing in:

  • A future where LGBTQIA+ rights are recognized and respected.

  • Empowered communities actively shaping their own destiny.

  • A more inclusive and equitable society for all.

Together, we can amplify the voices of IMGLAD and contribute to building a world where every individual thrives with dignity and equality.

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