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Davao Del Norte Person with Disability Association

Nursery Management in Tree Propagation and Horticulture Production for Person with Disabilities

Davao del Norte Person with Disability Association aims to address the unemployment problem sector of the PWDs in Davao del Norte by creating business development support and services. The action intends to establish a nursery planted with indigenous trees. The organization will be closely working with the greening program of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the private sector.

Fresh New Leaf

Rooted in Resilience: Empowering PWDs, Greening the Future

Imagine a future where persons with disabilities (PWDs) thrive, empowered by skills and independent lives, all while nurturing the earth with indigenous trees. This is the dream driving the Davao del Norte Person with Disability Association's remarkable initiative, "Rooted in Resilience: Addressing Unemployment through Indigenous Tree Nurseries."


More than Just Jobs, Empowerment Blooms:

  • Skills Take Root: Through their unique nursery, PWDs acquire valuable expertise in tree propagation and horticultural production, opening doors to sustainable livelihoods.

  • Economic Independence Blossoms: Home-based employment opportunities flourish, fostering dignity and self-reliance, allowing PWDs to blossom like the trees they cultivate.

  • Inclusion Takes Root: Breaking down social barriers, the project fosters a more inclusive society, recognizing the valuable contributions of PWDs.


Seeds of Sustainability Sprout:

  • Greening the Landscape: Indigenous trees take root, combating climate change and safeguarding the environment for future generations.

  • Advocacy Flourishes: The project champions the critical role of PWDs in environmental stewardship, amplifying their voices and creating ripples of change.

  • Partnerships Bloom: Collaborations with government agencies and organizations nourish the project's impact, strengthening its reach and effectiveness.


Beyond Numbers, Lives Transformed:

  • Meetings blossom into partnerships: Collaborations with key stakeholders pave the way for a brighter future.

  • Advocacy takes center stage: Meetings with government officials advance crucial disability-inclusive employment laws.

  • Training centers become havens of empowerment: PWDs gain skills and confidence, shattering negative stereotypes and fostering self-belief.


Challenges Become Compost, Fueling Growth:

  • Social barriers: The project combats negative attitudes toward PWDs, promoting understanding and inclusivity.

  • Self-doubt: Building confidence and self-advocacy skills empowers PWDs to overcome societal limitations.

  • The journey continues: Ongoing collaboration and resourcefulness are key to sustaining the project's impact.

Join the Movement, Plant a Seed of Change:

The Davao del Norte Person with Disability Association's story is an invitation to root for change. By supporting their work, you become part of a movement building a future where:

  • PWDs are recognized as valuable contributors, empowered by skills and independence.

  • Nature thrives, nurtured by responsible stewardship and the careful cultivation of indigenous trees.

  • Inclusive communities blossom, where every individual has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Together, let's watch this project grow, its roots reaching deep into the community, its branches stretching towards a brighter future for all. Let's support and celebrate the "Rooted in Resilience" initiative, where seeds of empowerment and sustainability are sown, transforming lives and landscapes for generations to come.

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