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BINHI Peoples Organization

COPRA Trading Marketing Coperative

Proposed by BINHI Association, the proponent intends to establish a marketing cooperative that will be able to support its member coconut farmers with fair and just buying practices in Ligao City, Albay.

Fresh New Leaf

From Struggle to Strength: BINHI's Journey Empowers Coconut Farmers

Imagine a life dedicated to nurturing coconut trees, yet struggling to earn a fair price for your harvest. This was the reality for farmers in the BINHI Peoples Organization, their livelihoods at the mercy of middlemen. Determined to break free, they embarked on a remarkable journey: birthing the COPRA Trading Marketing Cooperative in hopes of economic empowerment.


A Cooperative Built on Unity:

COPRA, born from BINHI's vision, aimed to achieve two critical goals: fair pricing for dried coconut meat (copra) and a united community through cooperative principles. With ACSF's support, they navigated the registration process, securing invaluable guidance from local officials and the LACE Multi-Purpose Cooperative. Their dedication shone through, evident in the opening of a bank account after 32 years - a testament to their commitment to financial transparency.


Impact that Transforms Lives:

The cooperative's impact wasn't just numerical. Stories of individual farmers paint a vivid picture of lives transformed. Increased income meant children could stay in school, dreams could be pursued, and communities felt a renewed sense of unity. The "bayanihan" spirit flourished, with farmers supporting each other, sharing knowledge, and collectively shaping their future.


Beyond Numbers, a Ripple of Change:

COPRA's success story extends beyond quantitative measures. Pre-registration seminars empowered members, equipping them with vital knowledge. Networking efforts forged partnerships with other cooperatives, paving the way for expanded market opportunities. Sustainability found its roots in the younger generation, inspired by the project's success and eager to continue the legacy.


Learning, Growing, and Inspiring:

The journey wasn't without its challenges, yet valuable lessons were learned. The importance of collaboration, the power of unity, and the need for continuous learning became guiding principles. The project's learnings will ripple outwards, benefiting future generations of coconut farmers and inspiring others to replicate this model of collective empowerment.


A Spark of Hope Ignites a Brighter Future:

COPRA Trading Marketing Cooperative stands as a beacon of hope, not just for BINHI's members, but for countless others seeking a more equitable future. Their story is a powerful testament to the transformative power of community, collaboration, and unwavering determination. The future holds immense potential, with dreams of competing in the global market, expanding opportunities, and fostering environmental awareness.

Join us in amplifying their success story. Support BINHI, invest in empowered communities, and be a part of the change that ripples outwards, leaving a lasting impact on generations to come.

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