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Association of Catholic Artists of the Philippines, Inc (ACAP)

Pag-akay at Pakiki-lakbay sa Muling Pagbangon ng mga Naulilang Pamilya ng Gyera Laban sa Droga

Proposed by the AKAP Pamilya Ministry of the Diocesan Commission on Research and Advocacy (CORA) and the Association of Catholic Artists of the Philippines (ACAP), the action aims to provide psycho-social support and address the SOCIO-economic needs of the families, particularly the orphaned children, and widows, affected by the war on drugs, and the institutional and sectorial strengthening for program sustainability.

Fresh New Leaf

ACAP: Guiding Healing Through Art and Compassion

In the face of trauma and loss inflicted by the "War on Drugs," ACAP emerges as a beacon of hope for war-affected families. Their mission: to empower orphaned children and their guardians through transformative art therapy programs and compassionate support.


Funded by the Abot-Kamay Community Solidarity Fund, ACAP's impactful initiatives include:

  • Likhilom Art and Wellness Program: Offering a safe space for children to express emotions, heal through art therapy, and rebuild confidence. Activities like painting, games, and faith-sharing foster joy, self-discovery, and emotional well-being.

  • Supporting Guardians: Recognizing their crucial role, ACAP extends support to guardians through workshops, group sessions, and emotional care, ensuring a holistic approach to family healing.

  • Building Resilient Youth: Equipping young leaders with skills and passion through leadership workshops, empowering them to advocate for their communities and build a brighter future.

Impact Stories:

  • A shy boy, once withdrawn, blossomed through Likhilom, finding his voice and expressing himself confidently through art.

  • Guardians, burdened by trauma, found solace and support in group sessions, learning to cope and rebuild their lives.

  • Youth participants, equipped with leadership skills, are now actively advocating for their communities, creating positive change.


AKAP Pamilya: Empowering Guardians, Strengthening Families

Standing alongside orphaned families affected by the drug war, AKAP Pamilya provides crucial support and empowerment to guardians – the pillars of family resilience.

Made possible by the Abot-Kamay Community Solidarity Fund, AKAP Pamilya's impactful initiatives include:

  • Lenten Recollection Retreat: Offering emotional and spiritual support to EJK orphans' volunteer women, fostering bonding and self-care within the caregiver community.

  • Likhilom Art Healing Program: Tailored for guardians, this program uses art therapy to help them process trauma, find healing, and build emotional strength.

  • Community Engagement: AKAP Pamilya actively collaborates with communities, mobilizing volunteers and ensuring successful program implementation.

Impact Stories:

  • Guardians reported feeling refreshed and emotionally closer after the Lenten retreat, better equipped to support their families.

  • Through Likhilom, guardians discovered tools for self-healing and learned to address the long-term effects of trauma on their families.

  • Community partnerships fostered by AKAP Pamilya ensure program sustainability and empower local volunteers to become agents of change.

Together, ACAP and AKAP Pamilya, fueled by the Abot-Kamay Community Solidarity Fund, weave a tapestry of hope for war-affected families. By supporting these initiatives, you invest in healing, empowerment, and a brighter future for generations to come.

Join us on this inspiring journey. Donate today and make a difference!

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