'Walang etsapuwera (sa DRRM)!'

Monday, February 13, 2017

SORSOGON - 35 participants coming from various sectors in the community, particularly women, youth, persons with disabilities, older persons, various organizations, the barangay council, and the municipal local government unit became participants in the Disability-Inclusive Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DI-CBDRRM) workshop held last January 23-27, 30-31, 2017 in Barangay Tughan, Municipality of Juban under the partnership project "CBM and Partners Capacity Development in Disability-Inclusive Disaster Risk Preparedness and Emergency Response".


They were capacitated on the key concepts and processes of DI-CBDRRM. As a result, the participants were able to develop community risk assessment tools, contingency and DRRM plans that will be helpful if they are to truly become a resilient and developed community.



Together with the well-represented set of participants who attended, the CDP project team and its DI-CBDRRM trainers consistently cried,  ‘walang etsapuwera!’ (No one is excluded!) - a resonant call that reverberated the trainings halls to really send home the message and emphasize the significance of inclusive approach to disaster preparedness and emergency response


At the end of the workshop, the participants conveyed their deep appreciation of the knowledge and skills they had gained: "Ang mga ito ay kaalamang hindi mapapalitan ng ano mang bagay." 








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