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Nuclear-Free Bataan Movement

Community-led Cost Benefit Analysis of BNPP - Mainstreaming Local Capacities in developing policy recommendation

Submitted by Young Bataeńos for Environmental Advocacy Network (YoungBEAN), the action intends to carry out a citizen-led study that will be led by community leaders and young people as a parallel and alternative consultation process in light of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant’s possible revival as a result of a national position supporting nuclear energy (Executive Order 164). The result of the study is a policy recommendation that would also look at the possibility of using renewable energy as an option. YoungBEAN is part of the Nuclear-Free Bataan Movement, a provincial-wide network of organisations and individuals working together to protect communities against the damage caused by harmful sources of energy such as coal and nuclear.

Fresh New Leaf

Bataan's Voices Rise: A Community Stands for Sustainable Solutions

Imagine a future where local voices resound, shaping energy policies for a brighter tomorrow. This is the vision driving NFBMs, a courageous organization empowering the Bataan community to have a say in the proposed revival of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP).


Building Bridges, Shaping Decisions:

Their journey unfolds in three significant steps:

  • Unearthing Voices, Unmasking Facts: Through surveys, interviews, and focus group discussions, they delve into the heart of the community, gathering both quantitative data and rich qualitative insights.

  • Empowering Champions, Forging Partnerships: Local volunteers and leaders are equipped with research skills, forming a bridge between the community and policymakers.

  • From Knowledge to Action: The gathered evidence is synthesized into a powerful policy paper, advocating for informed decision-making that prioritizes renewable energy solutions.


The Symphony of Change:

The impact echoes in a chorus of positive outcomes:

  • Community Empowered: Local voices rise above, actively shaping critical policy discussions.

  • Informed Decisions: Evidence-based recommendations guide policymakers towards sustainable solutions.

  • Renewable Future: The advocacy for clean energy gains momentum, paving the way for a brighter tomorrow.

  • Capacity Building: Community leaders emerge as empowered advocates, shaping their own future.


Beyond the Numbers:

The story transcends mere statistics:

  • 611 voices unite, their concerns and aspirations documented for the first time.

  • 12 community champions emerge, equipped with research skills and unwavering dedication.

  • A well-researched policy paper stands as a testament to their collective effort.Renewable energy gains traction, a ripple effect of community-led advocacy.


Lessons Learned, Shared Wisdom:

The journey yields valuable insights:

  • Data isn't everything: Community perspectives paint a picture beyond statistics, revealing valuable local knowledge.

  • Participation matters: Inclusive engagement leads to informed and sustainable solutions.

  • Respectful dialogue: Diverse viewpoints are heard and valued, fostering collaboration.

  • Youth are the future: Empowering young leaders ensures the movement's sustainability.

Join the Movement:

NFBMs' story is an invitation to stand alongside them, to believe in the power of community-led solutions. By supporting their work, you become part of a movement advocating for a future powered by sustainability, informed by local voices, and shaped by empowered communities.

Together, let's raise the Bataan community's voice, ensuring a future where clean energy thrives, and local voices resonate in the halls of power.

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