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Disaster Preparedness and Responsive Intervention for Victims Empowerment, Inc.

Regenerating Inclusive Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (ICBDRRM Lessons Learned into Integrated Local Tool Kits for Community Trainings, Capacity Building and Resilience Building)

Proposed by Disaster Preparedness and Responsive Intervention for Victims Empowerment, Inc (DEPRIVE), Urban Poor Alliance of Barangay Nagkakaisang Nayon (UP-All BNN) and Samahang may Integridad sa Pangkabuhayan at Aktbong Gawain (SIPAG), the action aims to put the knowledge and understanding of local communities at the centre of capacity building in the area of disaster risk reduction as it focuses on integrating lessons learned to local toolkits and designing a realistic and implementable disaster preparedness and response.

Fresh New Leaf

DEPRIVE: Empowering Communities, Building Resilience from the Ground Up

Imagine a future where communities stand tall, not despite disasters, but because they hold the reins of their own resilience. This is the vision driving DEPRIVE, a movement shifting the power dynamic in disaster risk reduction and management (DRRM) from top-down to community-led.


From Lessons to Action:

Their story unfolds in three key steps:

  • Unearthing Wisdom: Deep conversations and storytelling sessions uncover the wealth of knowledge already embedded within the community, transforming local experiences into valuable lessons.

  • Crafting Resilience Tools: These lessons are woven into practical toolkits, empowering communities to assess their risks, develop plans, and take ownership of their safety.

  • Shifting the Power: Community voices rise, leading the planning and implementation of their DRRM strategies, forging partnerships with external actors on their own terms.


The Symphony of Change:

The impact echoes in a chorus of empowerment:

  • Locally-Led Solutions: Communities take center stage, crafting their own unique pathways to resilience.

  • Amplified Voices: From whispers to roars, community concerns are heard and addressed, shaping disaster preparedness efforts.

  • Solidarity Blossoms: Collaboration thrives, bridging gaps between communities, organizations, and institutions.

  • Ownership Ignites Change: A sense of responsibility takes root, fueling sustainable preparedness initiatives.


Beyond the Numbers:

The story transcends mere statistics:

  • 72 community organizations united, their voices rising in unison.

  • 34 new legal entities established, empowering communities to act.

  • Community champions emerge, leading the charge with confidence and ownership.

  • Shifting power dynamics, communities take the driver's seat in decision-making.


Lessons Learned, Shared Wisdom:

The journey yields valuable insights:

  • Local knowledge matters: Communities hold the key to understanding their own vulnerabilities and strengths.

  • Empowerment fuels action: When given the tools and voice, communities rise to the challenge.

  • Collaboration is key: Partnerships built on trust and respect strengthen resilience efforts.

  • Sustainability flourishes: Locally-owned initiatives have a greater chance of enduring success.

Join the Movement:

DEPRIVE's story is an invitation to stand alongside them, to believe in the power of community-led solutions. By supporting their work, you become part of a movement redefining DRRM, where communities are not just recipients of aid, but architects of their own safety and well-being.

Together, let's rewrite the narrative of disaster response, where communities stand strong, empowered, and resilient, leading the way towards a future free from the fear of disaster.

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