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Aksyon sa Kahandaan sa Kalamidad at Klima

Pagtataguyod at Pagsusulong ng Pagkatuto na Lider-sa-Lider at Komunidad-sa-Komunidad para sa mga Samahang Komunidad sa Pilipinas

Supported by the Partnershp of Philippine Support Service Agencies (PHILSSA), various community-based organizations composed of Aksyon sa Kahandaan sa Kalamidad at Klima (AKKMA), Strengthening Alliance of Victims for Empowerment againts Dsasters in Rizal (SAVED-Rizal), Liwanag ng Buhay Fisherfolk Association, and Nagkakaisa at Gabay ng May Kapansanan na Itataguyod ng Samahan are proposing to create a roster of community leaders and mentors who will be supporting other leaders in the thematic areas of organizational strengthening, enterprise development, and disaster preparedness and response.

Fresh New Leaf

Cultivating Community Leaders for Building Resilient Futures

Empowering the Grassroots, Shaping Change Together:

Imagine a network of empowered community leaders, sharing knowledge and resources, guiding their communities towards resilience and self-sufficiency. This is the inspiring vision driving AKKMA's innovative initiative, "Creation of roster of community leaders and mentors for leader-to-leader and community-to-community approaches."


Building Skills, Inspiring Collaboration:

  • Leader Identification and Training: Identify and equip 36 community leaders to serve as trainers and mentors, sharing expertise in organizational development, enterprise development, and disaster preparedness.

  • Modular Learning Kits: Develop comprehensive training modules and materials, accessible and impactful, covering organizational strengthening, enterprise development, and disaster preparedness.

  • Peer-to-Peer Support: Foster a collaborative learning environment where communities help each other, promoting sustainable development and shared success.


Impact Worth Celebrating:

  • Empowered Leaders: 36 trained leaders become invaluable resources, providing technical support and fostering a culture of self-reliance within communities.

  • Knowledge Transfer: Effective modules equip leaders with essential skills, creating a multiplier effect for community development.

  • Collaborative Network: A robust system of support empowers communities to work together, sharing knowledge and resources for collective growth.

  • Shared Leadership: Enhanced community voice and participation in decision-making processes lead to equitable and sustainable solutions.


A Journey of Collaboration:

  • Building Trust and Commitment: Engaging regional conveners, federations, and partners sets a clear direction and ensures accountability.

  • Relevance and Impact: Identifying community needs and building resilience are at the heart of the project, driving meaningful change.

  • Empowering Participants: Trainings and activities instill confidence, ownership, and a sense of agency within communities.

Shifting Power Dynamics: Prioritizing grassroots leaders and partnering with local academia promotes equitable collaboration.


Challenges and Opportunities:

  • Documentation: Refining tools and strategies for capturing inspiring stories and sharing valuable lessons with a wider audience.

  • Sustained Engagement: Identifying effective methods for continued learning and engagement beyond initial training sessions.

  • Coordination and Collaboration: Establishing well-defined roles and responsibilities for all stakeholders to ensure smooth project implementation.

Join the Movement:

Supporting AKKMA means investing in:

  • Empowering communities to lead their own development.

  • Building a network of resilient and self-sufficient communities.

  • Creating a more equitable and inclusive future for all.

Together, we can amplify the impact of AKKMA's work, empowering communities to shape their own destiny and build a brighter future for generations to come.

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